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Welcome to Anime Freakin' Blog!

About Me (Update)

Hi! Konichiwa! 你好(Ni hao)! Nice to meet you fellow anime fans! You can refer to me as Chun Lee. I’m a college student studying Business Administration. Hope to graduate soon!  :) So as you can see, I changed my alias from Halcyon to Chun Lee. I don't really know why... I just feel like changing it, and maybe because I'm Chinese, and it's similar to Chun Li. (I just changed the "Li" to "Lee") XD So.... Yeah...

About This Blog

Let me start by saying that I really like anime! I’ve been watching anime since like forever (really?). It’s been a past-time of mine, especially when I needed some relaxation. Now that’s done, let me share with you what this blog is all about. I think the name of this blog pretty much explains it. This is yet another blog about anime and manga. Well, it's mainly about anime and manga, but I'll also be talking about my other interests like comics, cartoons, and games. This blog is not about reviewing or making some in-depth analysis of the anime (not fun), but just some opinions of mine or whatever interests me. Lastly, I guess it’s safe to say that I don’t have much experience in blogging. This is still an experiment, and I don’t know if it will last long *fingers crossed* (I hope so!), but I’ll be sure to keep on learning and make this blog interesting and enjoyable for you.

Things I’ll be Blogging About:

Anime and Manga

The main focus of this blog is on anime and manga. I’m an avid fan of romantic comedy, full on romance, shojo, and mystery. So now you probably have an idea on what anime or manga I’ll mostly be blogging about.


I’m addicted to playing computer games. I definitely enjoy playing nintendo gameboy advance and DS games. I also like to play most pc games, including visual novels and otome games. My favorite types of games are RPG, simulation, dating, interactive, adventure games, and sometimes MMORPG . I’m not much of a fan of action, shooting, or fighting games.


Not much to say here. I just enjoy watching cartoons. I may already be an adult (I’m 21), but I’m still a kid at heart ^_^


Again.. Nothing to say here. I like reading comic books as much as reading manga.

P.S. If you don’t know the particular anime, manga or whatever I’m posting about, just google it, OK? ^_^

About Me

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Chun Lee
I'm just someone who loves everything anime and games. As you can see, I'm quite a geek. LOL. I love traveling and trying out new things, and is such a hopeless romantic.. XD
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