Thursday, April 26, 2012

JSS Tripler

So uh... enough about anime for now.. hehe. I have discovered something really interesting. It's a website called Just Been Paid or JSS Tripler, and it's a new way of earning some extra cash, actually large amount of cash (If you follow some strategies and put some effort into it). I'm not really the type to join sites that says we can earn money, etc.. so I was, of course, skeptical at first, but then I read what it's all about, and it says that we get $10 by simply signing up and with that we can earn up to 2% per day with no work! Now that definitely caught my interest! But I was still a little skeptical. So what I did was I made some research about it. I read blogs, forums, watch youtube, etc,  and you know what? They all say that Just Been Paid or JSS Tripler is legit, and definitely NOT a scam. So I signed up, got my free $10, and bought a position that will earn me 2% per day. Hey! I got nothing to lose here. So why not? ^_^ Of course, the more positions I buy, the more I'll earn! Yey!

Basically, from what I read and understood, with Just Been Paid or JSS Tripler we can earn up to 2% per day or up to 60% per month without sponsoring or referring people, but if we prefer, we can refer others to further compound and increase our earnings, because we earn 10% referral bonuses on the first level and 5% on the second. What's more is that Just Been Paid or JSS Tripler is indefinitely sustainable, and we can make daily withdrawals! Yup! Nothing to lose at all. What are you waiting for then?! Sign up now! Some of the members have already earned over $100,000! Trust me on this! This is different from all the other money making sites.

I'm still a beginner here.. so I have only bought one position yet with the free $10 they gave me. We'll see that what will happen in the upcoming days. So if you want to know more of it, just click here. You'll definitely not regret it and you'll not be wasting your time, because it is soooo worth it. So, till then! :)
Monday, December 12, 2011

What to do???

Okay! Here is the problem.. I honestly don't know what to do with my blog anymore. I admit, I am feeling kind of lazy lately. Add to that my college requirements and all. Burnout! This sucks! I feel like such a loser right now...

So.. I think I'm not gonna be posting for a while, then we'll see what happens.
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

Which do you think is better? Subbed or dubbed?

If you asks me, I would definitely say subbed for sure. Why, you ask? Below are several reasons why I prefer anime series subbed than dubbed:

  1. Come on! It’s the original! Originals are way better! Period.

  2. The beautiful Japanese language.

  3. The voice actors in Japan are AMAZING.

  4. The original voices fit so well with the characters.

  5. Do not sound scripted or fake.

  6. Feels more natural.

  7. No awkward and wrong pronunciation of Japanese words.

  8. Wide range of feelings and emotions.

  9. Gets to learn some basic Japanese words and phrases.

  10. Pretty close translations (more accurate)

  11. Japanese male voices are hotter.

  12. More subbed anime series available to watch than dubbed series.

Would I consider watching them dubbed? Yes. Of course. BUT only when it’s done really well.

So what do you prefer? Subbed or dubbed? Take your pick and answer the poll.

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