Thursday, November 17, 2011

Subbed or Dubbed Anime?

Which do you think is better? Subbed or dubbed?

If you asks me, I would definitely say subbed for sure. Why, you ask? Below are several reasons why I prefer anime series subbed than dubbed:

  1. Come on! It’s the original! Originals are way better! Period.

  2. The beautiful Japanese language.

  3. The voice actors in Japan are AMAZING.

  4. The original voices fit so well with the characters.

  5. Do not sound scripted or fake.

  6. Feels more natural.

  7. No awkward and wrong pronunciation of Japanese words.

  8. Wide range of feelings and emotions.

  9. Gets to learn some basic Japanese words and phrases.

  10. Pretty close translations (more accurate)

  11. Japanese male voices are hotter.

  12. More subbed anime series available to watch than dubbed series.

Would I consider watching them dubbed? Yes. Of course. BUT only when it’s done really well.

So what do you prefer? Subbed or dubbed? Take your pick and answer the poll.

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Anonymous said...

subbed of course. don't like everything dubbed

NyNy said...

Nice article! By the way, would you be interested in reading and commenting your opinion on whether you believe subbed vs dubbed animes is better?

MrProfGenius said...

I prefer subbed Anime, because its original and natural, like you said before. But sometimes dubbed version is also good too, especially for can't understand Japanese language person and for children. And maybe you can more understand the storyline althought looks weird. ^^;

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